Monday, May 25, 2009


Sometimes its Crazy to look back and realise how fast time has passed!
I've been in the Job for 2 years now.

I am lucky
Be it able to expose myself to different culture, or indulge myself in the Food that more than often drive me Crazy! :P

For friends that was once so close in School and now scattered around the world for different dreams and ambitions.
This Job gives me the best opportunity to catch up.

And I manage to meet Don in London. :)

It was definitely a privilege to catch up with you,Brother.

Introducing the Tourist
*from Left, Yong, Carol,Ashley and Mas. :)


My stay in London is definitely a short one.
Two nights, I am Glad we were able to cover quite a few sight seeing spots,
Full credit to Don who lead the way. :D

This is few pictures that I took along the way.

Tower Bridge, people usually refer this as LONDON BRIDGE. :)

This is the REAL London Bridge, rather simple. :P

Blue Skies at Buckingham Palace

The Gate of British Museum

The Clock tower of Parliament House

London Eye

The drinking culture

This help us to find the location

Under the Sun, Tower Bridge

Another angle.. :)

The House of Parliament

Another record of photos rather than words.
Hope you like them. :)

Don't forgot to take your Vit C and Stay healthy in this Flu season. =)

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