Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random update!

I wake up and find that my Laptop is dead.
And I have to change the hard disk.
So it means that with new HDD,all the things I have is now GONE.

It will be awhile before I get the software installed and edit my photos. :(


Came back from Melbourne,and Auckland,and Hongkong Turn,and finally today KL turn.
Its been awhile since I last update my blog. :P

Been having sleepless night lately.
Every night sleep around 4am and wake up 2pm in the afternoon.
my Biological clock is so wrong that I do not know when to sleep and eat.

Imagine you run from GMT +0 to +8,then the following life style is +11,and then +13.
Ahhh~ I've probably confused all of you by now..its just the wrong time zone that are killing me..


Looking forward for a break..
Today I smile to almost 450 passengers,within 2 hours.

just have to turn my face around and relax the muscle before I can keep going.

Smile John,
Just keep Smiling. :D

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