Monday, May 5, 2008

Random Random.

Just back from Penang.
Catch some rest and good food this trip.

As usual,I miss my baby girl so much.
She's been around since I was 11.
Her name is DODO. =)

Guess that make her 12 years old this year.and Dog's age is multiple by 4,that makes her 48 years old this year.
She used to have a company,a German Shepherd,his name was Galent.
I know,they don't really belong to same breed but guess what,Galent is always a gentleman.
He always give way to Dodo,for her to drink first,eat first and also poo poo first. (Or perhaps dodo was too fierce?)

Galent left us four years ago. Time flies.
Let me post up some picture took in 2003.
Dodo and I, 2003.

[2003]Galent,thats how we show our love~haha


People says Dog are human's best friend.I can't agree more.
I used to talk to Galent when I was extremely moody,and he will just sit by me,and I take that as he was listening. haha~

[2003]Galent My Boy,Rest in peace. =)

Forgot to bring my Camera back from Penang.
Until I go back again,I'll have to post pictures taken by my Phone's Camera.
Hope you guys bare with me. =)


Just add another spectacle into my collection recently.

How many spectacles I have?
Let me count, 1,2,3.....

I think I have 6, or 7.

Its like some people love to collect shoes, some like watches.
I prefer glasses,it works as accessories to me. =)

Love this new addition,its a wood surface spectacles.
Something different.You don't bum into something you like everyday,so grab it when you see it.

Take care people.
Stay well always!


Celeste said...

awwwww. your pups are soooo cute. ^^
i miss my dog benji too. :(
hey, when are you gonna head to KL? we should meet up when you do. ;)

John Lee said...

Hey Celeste!

I will definitely let you know when I get there.
Thanks for dropping by my site.
Hope to see ya soon.

Take care and smiles always.