Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happiness is a simple thing.

"Sometimes we are too eager to chase what's in front,
and we forgot to appreciate what we got."


I had dinner with one of my friend which is also a senior colleague.
We exchange thoughts on current affair, jobs, life and whats next.

True, more than often that we work too hard, run too fast towards the Goal that we try to achieved, and neglect what's beautiful along the journey.

We forgot to slow down and enjoy the beautiful scene along the way.

I read a passage in a Chinese news paper that saying:

"I always looking for a pair of better shoes,
until I see someone without a pair of leg."

I can't agree more.


Try to look at something that money can't buy.
It gives you more reason to smile. :)

to family, to loved one, to friends and everyone I know.
Happy always. :D


deb said...

hey... that's my salt and pepper cows! hehe

John Lee said...

That picture was taken by Robin. hehe