Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Chapter

Finally~I'm joining you guys who already stepped into the work field.
I'll be leaving on next wednesday.
Early flight in the morning.


I'm moving towards a place,some say its a gift,
for the others,the respond is not as positive as I thought.

People make choices.You make choices.
From what colour you wear to which directions you turn.

Its my choice,Its my Life.


To all My friend in Kuala Lumpur:

Please,I say Please! Do visit me when you come to Singapore!Alright?
Please! Please! Please! :D
We are all moving towards different directions,whether you like it or not,
we are losing grip on each other.
Don't let that happen!

Working Gentleman/ladies,Good Luck and get your promotion soon.
Studying Folks,Good Luck and pass up the assignment on time! :P

Miss you guys!


Still can't believe I'm leaving soon
I say 'still',is because I've try to believe it.

Three years ago I left my hometown,that time is for study purpose.
Three years later I left for my Job.

My Friend,
Thank you for your wishes!

Now I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world.

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