Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Singapore Singapore

Its 4am in the morning
I wake up to a room with table lamp still on.
with yellow light over me and my luggage on the floor.

I know I have to continue packing,yeah its kinda last minute,
I'm just too lazy to do it earlier.

The airport has strong air cond.
The lady on the check in counter assigned a window seat for me.
Yeah,window seat will be nice.

I fell asleep,as soon as the plane take off.
The next thing that strikes my eyes was cotton like cloud and blue sky,outside the window.
Then I get myself into the crowded airport.


I fell asleep,again.
TV is on when I open my eyes,
I try to understand the sounds that come out from TV,it took me around 10 seconds to realise it is a music show.
Nerve cells still in sleep,I guess.


Staying alone is nice,
I can have the whole bed and cover myself with the pillows and bolster.
The hotel room is comfortable,the bed is soft.
you own the world,it is how it feel.
I feel like ready to go again.


The past few days was amazing,but I guess its all over now
and life starts again.
in a different manner,i mean.
Thank you for your companionship,I enjoy every moment with you. =)

Will see what happen tomorrow.
All the best for you.


Shirley said...

Starting of a whole new life! I know you will be able to succeed in the future John! I have faith in you. All the best!

efferstine said...

am ever proud of my mr monash. =))